Fire Fighting Equipment

Spot firesWe all know Australia’s landscape suffers from wildfires.  TRHC has launched a defense against spot fires with a range of purpose-built, durable, functional, professional, firefighting equipment for the Australian market.

With a range that covers

  • Trailer-mounted fire fighting/water carts
  • Hydraulic fire fighting
  • Petrol/Diesel fire-fighting pumps
  • Dust suppression equipment

TRHC has something for everyone and every situation.

What is Fire Fighting Equipment?

Fire Firefighting equipment is simple.  Its equipment designed with the sole purpose in mind, of helping you in case a spot fire starts.

So being as prepared as you can be is the best answer to any emergency.  TRHC has tried to develop the widest range of support firefighting equipment.  All are designed to help you have peace of mind if a disaster strikes.

This includes:

  • Fire Fighting Pumps
  • Fire Fighting Trailers
  • Fire Fighting Units
  • Fire Fighting Skids

Our Australian-designed and engineered fire fighting units are built to the highest standards, with practicality and ease of use in mind.

All our products come with factory-supported warranties. This means you can confidently rely on our range of products in the event of a fire.

HPW-DUST-High-Pressure-Dust-Suppression-System-Pump250Australia’s Toughest Built Fire Fighting Units

We’ve listened to all of our customers over the years so all of our products are engineered and designed in Australia for the Australian market.  Ensuring that what we offer is customizable, and ultimately effective against raging fires.

We have also sourced products from other manufacturers to complement the TRHC fire fighting range.

Our products are easily mountable to vehicles and trailers, assembled with high-quality components, and powered by reliable pumps and motors.

We have designed our solutions to be mobile.   So they are particularly effective in hard-to-reach regions of your property or working environment.

All our products conform to Australian standards, and with our range, we are confident that you will find a solution for your needs.

When it comes to reliable and exceptionally performing firefighting units, there’s no need to look elsewhere.

Fire Fighting Equipment Product Range