Why Choose a ThoroughClean Water Blaster

ThoroughClean Pressure Cleaners at a glance: 

Whether your high pressure cleaner is losing pressure, the water supply is not enough or it’s broken down, don’t just replace it with the same or similar machine.

The ThoroughClean pressure cleaners are designed with optimal performance in mind.

A reliable, consistently performing machine makes a huge difference to the performance of your productive assets, your team and your own performance.

Choose ThoroughClean high pressure cleaners for the tough Australian market.

  • Ideal combination of Flow verses Pressure to suit your application – giving you increased efficiencies
  • Machine matched to suit your duty cycle – (Hours per day/ week usage)
  • Built to be maintenance friendly with easy – access to main componentry and high wear items
  • “Whole of life cost” – ThoroughClean pressure cleaners are an asset, not a consumable – Built to outlast competitor machines
  • Robust – The most durable machine on the market today and are happy to be challenged on this fact!
  • Cost reduction over machine life (Expected to be 10 years):

portable pressure washerThoroughClean Water Blasters offer a wide variety of electric, diesel and petrol portable water blasters to suit individual requirements.

Being designed, engineered and built in Australia since 1984, ThoroughClean has a pressure cleaner to get the job done.

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trailer mount pressure cleanersOur heavy duty 4 x 4 trailers are constructed and fully hot dipped galvanized and come with Landcruiser style 16-inch resilient wheels, mechanical or electric brakes, lights and robust suspension.

Our trailers can be attached to cars, trucks or Utes (via a 50mm tow hitch) our robust trailers can help support your cleaning and sanitizing efforts anywhere and at any time.

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skid mount water blasterWith water not always readily available, high pressure water cleaning in a remote site, such as a mine, doesn’t need to be hard of difficult.  You can just bring it with you.

That’s where ThoroughClean skid mounted water blasters come with a 1,000 litre tank and pump.

Making our skid mounted pressure cleaners perfect for easy movement and transportation into remote locations.

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washbay pressure cleanersThoroughClean offers a comprehensive range of electrical powered hot and cold wash pressure cleaners specifically designed to serve 24/7 in any the harshest wash bay conditions.

The Thoroughclean washmate pressure cleaning range are ideal for everyday wash bay use.

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Custom Skid At ThoroughClean, we understand that sometimes “one size fits all” solutions doesn’t work. So we custom build pressure cleaners in any configuration the customer requires.

We have a dedicated and world leading engineering and production team, with many years’ experience in serving client’s needs.

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We have a water blasting solutions for you !

We have a full team of engineers that focus of what matters when it comes to special build designs.  Making pressure cleaners that work.

Talk to our team today about a pressure cleaning solution for your business.

Skid mount Pressure Cleaner

With a range of portable, mine spec, skid mount, trailer mounted and special build pressure cleaner solutions available, from our state of the art manufacturing facilities.

We guarantee that we will have a pressure cleaning solution for you. Talk to our dedicated team today for further information.