Without a doubt the year 2020 will always be remembered for being one of the more difficult years in recent memory.  For the TRHC team, it will be remembered as the year we expanded our business so we can offer pressure cleaning equipment in Sydney.

As well as bringing two of Australia’s most iconic High Pressure and Ultra High-Pressure brands, Metco Industrial and ThoroughClean under the TRHC banner.

With all of that going on, 2020 has certainly been a busy year for the TRHC National Team

Where to find pressure cleaning equipment in Sydney

We located our new branch at:

TRHC Pty Ltd

2/29 Prince William Drive

Seven Hills NSW 2147

With two Business Development Managers and a branch store manager, we got up and running in December 2020.

What pressure cleaning equipment can we offer in Sydney

Our Sydney branch can offer a full range of pressure cleaning equipment from:

Metco Industrial

With the range including:

Read more about the Metco range of products here.

Ultra High-pressure cleaning pumps

All utilizing the Jetstream UNx range of fluid ends.  Allowing for ease of service and quick change fluid ends. In 15K, 20K, and 40 K PSI.


A full range of hydro demolition equipment. Including the Aqua cutter range, with Aqua spine and frame, and the Ergo go system.


Portable, Skid mount, Trailers, Washbays and special build pressure cleaner range including;

All units are available from 2200 PSI to 5300 PSI Max Pump PSI range.

We can also supply pressure cleaner spare parts and tooling from the warehouse.  With whatever we don’t stock in Sydney available overnight from one of our other branches throughout Australia.

Stoneage and Terydon

We can also supply a full range of the Stoneage and Terydon products from our Sydney branch.

pressure cleaning equipment Sydney

Stock leaving our Bundamba branch heading to Sydney Branch

What’s next for TRHC Sydney Branch in 2021

We’re not stopping there either; we are well on the way to releasing an exciting new TRHC Service + package for our customer base.

Where we not only provide fixed price servicing and breakdown repairs of our own equipment but a wide range of competitor pressure washers.

If you are looking for pressure cleaning equipment in Sydney don’t hesitate to visit our branch at 2/29 Prince William Drive, call 1300 378 872, or email sales@trhc.com.au.

Our team is ready to help you find the right pressure cleaning solution for whatever you need or want to do.