Do You Need An Edge For Your Next Hydro Demolition Project

At Metco Industrial we understand hydro demolition and we know what’s needed to get the job done.  That is why as the Australian distributor for Aquajet products we can provide market leading hydro demolition products and solutions throughout Australia that we know work.

hydro demolition

What is Hydro Demolition

It goes by many different names:

Its all means the same thing.  Its a concrete removal technique utilising high pressure water to remove hard substances like concrete, asphalt, grout.

Generally, this process is used when preparing surfaces for bonding for repair materials and new coating applications.

Why Aquajet Hydro demolition equipment

With over 30 years designing and manufacturing hydro demolition solutions.  As the Aquajet Australian distributors we can provide a wide range of products like :

Which suit a wide range of applications and industries such as :

Aquajet have developed to be market leaders in robotic controls for their range of products as well.

How do they work

Basic hydro demolition equipment usually consists of an automated programmable robot, connected with flexible line to a high-pressure unit. The robot works automatically on the desired surface removing selected concrete areas.

The units have two parts:

Power Pack

A high-pressure pump/engine combination that creates water pressure and water flow.

Aqua Cutter

Which is a a programmable robot that handles the positioning of the high-pressure water jet.

These two units are connected to each other and to the operator by one single radio remote control.  Which make it very simple and with no need for extra cables or devices.

How does the water flow

The high-pressure water is delivered from the high-pressure unit to the robot through a flexible high-pressure hose. The water then travels through a lance. It is the lance that manipulates the water jet to move, oscillate and attack the concrete in the most optimal way, depending on the type of removal required.

Why lance angle matters

When the pressurized water penetrates the concrete it fills up the cavities. The pressure then causes small fragments of the concrete to shatter. And by using different angels of the lance you can get a good even result. Since there are no vibrations there will be no micro cracks in the nearby concrete.

What’s the biggest advantage for hydro demolition

The biggest advantages of using hydro demolition is that you don’t get any dust in the air that will harm your lungs.

If you are wanting to do some hydro demolition work, and are unsure with what you need, contact our dedicated team today.