Portable Petrol Air Compressors

The MEA range of portable petrol air compressor systems has been engineered to be lightweight, compact, robust, and highly efficient to withstand the harshest Australian work conditions.

Designed using reliable Kolher engines and durable rotary screw air compressors. The Smartpack range of equipment provides operators with the confidence to perform all their compressed air needs.

Functionality in Design

The Smartpack air compressor range has been manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. Built with a sturdy outer frame and 2 stages of corrosion-resistant powered coating. Designed especially for ease of maintenance and to allow sufficient airflow. The Smartpack range offers portable petrol-driven air compressors suitable for many industrial applications.

Frameless and Vehicle Integrated Designs

In many cases, service vehicles require lighter-weight equipment and flexibility in design. To better integrate the air supply units into more practical and space-optimised placement. MEA range also comes with frameless solutions kits to further enhance vehicle design.