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high pressure cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning

The ThoroughClean water blaster range is perfect for high pressure cleaning a wide range of applications and environments.  Click here to find out more !

Ultra High Pressure Cleaning

Our Metco Industrial range of Ultra High Pressure Cleaning equipment is perfect for Class B operation up to 40 000 PSI.  Click here to find out more

Hydro Demolition

TRHC has a full range of specialised hydro demolition equipment with the Metco and Aquajet range of equipment.  We guarantee we can find a solution that will work.  Contact us today to find out more!

Swivel Nozzle Holder TRHC4394

Pressure Cleaning Tooling & Spare Parts

As one of Australia’s biggest supplier of Class A and Class B pressure cleaners.  TRHC has a wide selection of pressure cleaner tooling and spare parts available.  Contact Us today for more information.

TRHC Service Plus

TRHC Service Plus

TRHC Service Plus will give you peace of mind operating your pressure washer in your business.  With field and workshop service and repairs available.  Click here if you want to know more about our service support.



Having a well-trained operator is the key to productivity, try our Class A training here.