Mobile welding equipment

MEA product range includes vehicle-mounted welder generators suitable for powering your inverter welders on site.

Access to portable welder generator systems makes light work of jobs requiring power even more advantageous when the generator is equipped with equipment such as a welder.

Combining air compressors, welders, and generators into one multipurpose unit. These portable workstations make power and compressed air supply easily accessible.

Advantages of multifunction equipment

There are many advantages of utilizing multifunction equipment over the traditional methods are obvious.

There is a substantial reduction in equipment payload on your vehicle and also the convenience of not needing additional separate equipment.

Reducing the overall footprint of your equipment and optimizing space on your tray or tow-behind trailer.

Another major advantage is the reduction in service requirements by using only one centralized piece of equipment as a primary supply source.

Rather than having to perform multiple services, this can be reduced to a minimum.