Hawk Pumps

TRHC distributes Hawk Pumps products across Australia.  Hawk Pumps provides a market-leading range of industrial high-pressure pumps that off long life and low maintenance with a maximum guarantee of efficiency.

The Hawk Pumps are fitted to the full range of Thoroughclean Water Blasters 

Applications we can help with

  • Pressure Washers
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Municipal Cleaning
  • Vehicle Wash
  • Misting
  • Food
  • Reverse Osmoisis
  • Oil and Gas
  • Fire  Fighting
  • Chemical

Pressure Washer Applications

Pressure washing is one of the hardest applications for pumps to operate in.   The Hawk Pumps are chosen for their long life and durability in the harshest of applications.

The Thoroughclean range of pressure washers is built for commercial and industrial-intensive types of work.  Either due to uses that count several hours a day of work or with the use of aggressive water or even in harsh environments.

Hawk Pumps can be used with both hot and cold water.  We can provide pressure and flow rate solutions to cover all our customers’ requirements in Australia.

Industrial Cleaning

When high pressure exceeds the threshold of 350 BAR.  We’re looking not at a regular cleaning activity, but at industrial washing, where numerous applications are possible.

Consider cleaning large surfaces to remove covering agents such as varnishes, chemical stains, or rust that has formed on steel. An extra-high-pressure jet can be used to effectively remove these elements quickly without leaving residue that can be damaging to the area below or the environment.

Ultra-high pressure is also used for other fields of application, such as hydro demolition, for the removal of parts of damaged concrete without damaging the steel structure inside; decontamination, to remove harmful substances from a surface, or for working with materials such as natural stone, bricks or metals. We can provide solutions via the Metco Industrial UHP Pump range.

Industrial Pressure Washing

Hawk Pumps provides a comprehensive range of innovative high-pressure industrial water blasting solutions for safer use.

We are confident that we will find a solution for you. Talk to our dedicated team today for further information.