Why Choose an Aquajet System

Aquajet Systems are the global leaders for hydro demolition products and services

Basic Hydro demolition equipment usually consists of an automated programmable robot, connected with flexible line to a high-pressure unit. The robot works automatically on the desired surface removing selected concrete areas.

  • AQUA CUTTER robots operates using an easily programmed automated control system
  • Water jets accomplish their destructive force on concrete by means of three separate processes: direct impact, cavitation’s and pressurization of micro and macro cracks.
  • Selective removal is one of the basic principles of Hydro demolition.
  • Our robots are very compact but also big enough to handle the toughest applications.
  • Hydraulically controlled side shifting of the power head offers better reach and easier operation in confined spaces
  • The easy to extend tower system has proved its versatility

The key element of Hydro demolition is to pressurise and widen existing pores and micro cracks in the weakened concrete structure using high-pressure water penetration.

Material is removed as the build-up pressure exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete that have to be removed. In addition to the water pressure, the volume of water is also a contributing factor to the systems efficiency.

The rate of removal, for example, is not only dependent of the water pressure but also on the amount of water directed towards the concrete surface in order to rapidly and continuously pressurise the areas being treated.

This combination of water pressure and flow together with the precise robotic controlled movements of the water jet nozzle creates the necessary effect criteria for the Hydro demolition process.

The power of water

The nozzle is moved rapidly and continuously over the area to be removed. Jet efficiency is maximized when the jet itself is stable, and stability is influenced by the machine design, distance from the nozzle to point of impact, the shape and configuration of the nozzle, the water exit speed, the jet’s movement and the angle of attack.

As if that were not enough, you can use our products under water.

Remove selected parts of Concrete

It means that you only remove the amount of concrete needed for the refurbishment. Basically you leave the “good concrete” and the steel reinforcements undamaged.

With our products you can remove selected concrete surfaces to a pre-set quality depth, leaving a jagged or craggy surface that provides an extensive bonding area for the new concrete.


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